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Sunrise 6:13 am
Sunset 8:36 pm

South Sevier Middle School
Community Council Meeting Agenda (notes in blue)

Council Members in attendance:
School: Michelle Nielson, Bryce Twitchell, Paul McCormick
Parents: Libby Abraham, Renate Anderson, Cindy Riddle, Denisa Taylor, Jackie Patterson

Council Members not in attendance:
School: Gina Meacham
Parents: Becky Bastian

Meet the cute kids of SSMS :) slide show

School Happenings/Celebrations
3rd quarter mid-term: TODAY!

Kindness Week: Feb. 11-15
Social Media Challenges, pledge, assembly, mix-it up lunch, grade level activities

Stakeholder Survey: now-Feb. 22
Faculty/Staff: 100% complete
Students: 100% complete
Parents: 68% complete
Early bird raffle- Circus Tickets (drawn Feb. 1)
Final Raffle- Catapult Tickets (to be drawn Feb. 22)
Raffle prizes were a nice addition to show parents appreciation
All council members voiced having a very positive experience

Rude, Mean, Bullying Instruction: Power Groups
Great idea to address these terms, kids need reminders of the differences

Budget Ideas

18-19 year
Amount awarded $43,067
Carry-over from 17-18 $ 4,300
Total $47,367

19-20 year
Estimated amount awarded $46,943
Estimated carry-over from 18-19 $ 3,714
Total $50,657


New technology devices not necessarily needed
Use to add man power
New elective class offering ideas