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Sunrise 6:13 am
Sunset 8:36 pm

South Sevier Middle School
Community Council

Meeting held electronically


Council Members in Attendance
Parents: Becky Bastian, Libby Abraham, Cindy Riddle, Renate Anderson
School Representatives: Bryce Twitchell, Paul McCormick, Michelle Nielson

Council Members Not in Attendance
Parents: Jackie Patterson, Denisa Taylor
School Representatives: all members in attendance

School Happenings

*The construction process for the new school has started! Take a ride by the south end of the school and see the latest demolition project!

*Tiffany Obray (teaches 9th grade English at NSHS) has been hired as a language arts teacher. She will teach in either the 7th or 8th grade and Mrs. Coe will teach the other. This is to replace Mr. Lindgren as he needed to take a medical retirement shortly after the holiday season. He is doing well, but definitely missing being at school.

*Tonya Williams (teaches 5th grade at MES) has been hired as the 6th-grade language arts teacher. Mr. Twitchell is transferring to SSHS to teach 9th grade English. We are sad to lose him, but excited for his new adventure.

*School Dismissal: planned for 2-weeks

Proposals for 20-21 funding

*Maintain instructional assistants
*Maintain current staffing
*Supplement USTAR funding
*2-week credit recovery program
Total for all staffing costs $47,469
*Transportation costs for academic field trips
Total for transportation costs $ 2,000

Total for all proposals $49,469


All council members present gave a unanimous vote in favor of the proposals