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Sunrise 7:14 am
Sunset 7:50 pm

Call to Order:  3:10

Attending:  Selena Terry, Miguel Echeverria, Kole Krahenbuhl, McKenzie Christensen,, Emily Hessey, Lindsay Manning, Trampas Williams, Janna Thalman, Mick Mullen, Stefanie Anderson


  • Minutes from 13 November 2019 meeting approved
  • Schools-to-watch Resignation
    • Redesignation Application submission process and reason discussed
    • Redesignation committee from Schools-to-Watch will visit school and review 4 different criteria
    • Staff self-study rubric discussed along with improvements made over the previous 3 years
    • Mr. Williams discussed changes that have happened since designation
      • Advisory (set of time for students to complete work everyday)
      • Collaboration between teachers and teams
      • More staff being able to participate in attending the Schools-to-Watch professional development opportunities
    • Discussion about the history of our road to get designated originally as Schools-to-Watch school.
  • Student Club Request
    • Review of district’s school clubs policy and discussion of clubs offered in the past at RHMS
    • Review of student proposal to form an LGBTQ+ club at RHMS
      • Questions about the group were discussed
      • Denial of club for now was decided based on:
        • Purpose was unclear
        • Against school district policy 3450 section 8.2.3 and 8.2.4 based on the proposal information
        • No outline, mission statement, or charter information on what the club would do.
        • Concerns of the club becoming exclusionary, and no way to address that concern given in the proposal.
      • Discussed ways to support the group in meeting these parameters and and allow them to re-submit when concerns are addressed.
      • Discussion of ways community could support students in need
  • School Report Card (RISE Scores) Data discussed
    • Discussion of what scores indicate
    • Discussion of technical problems during testing
    • Next year’s vendor discussed
    • What this school data will do to help build trustlands plan and support school goals.
  • PBIS
    • Introduction of the new district PBIS coordinator, Jolee
      • Goal is to build on the good PBIS work schools are already doing.
    • Cone structure and collaboration
      • Have common threads from elementary to high school
      • A specific vocabulary and expectations that are across schools
      • Use the community to help support the work of the schools
      • Talk and plans this year to be implemented beginning of 2020-2021 school year
      • “CAT pride” across all schools in Richfield attendance area
      • Allow schools to be able to individualize for their students, but be apart of the whole
  • Upcoming activities were discussed
  • Open discussion from council members
    • T-shirts for Kindness Matters project donated, and date scheduled to distribute
    • Discussion about NJHS service project in the month of December and the positive impact on school and students.

Meeting adjourns at 4:05