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Sunrise 7:30 am
Sunset 7:40 pm

Minutes September 18, 2019 [approved 11-13-19]

Call to order: 3:05

Attending:  Jennifer Thalman, Emily Hessey, Kole Krahenbuhl, Miguel Echeverria, Selena Terry, Kristen Perschon, McKenzie Christensen, Stefanie Anderson, Lindsay Manning

  • Community Council training dates and locations announced
    • Information about expenditures and posting information online will be discussed at those trainings.
  • Watch video training regarding Community Council Guidelines and Procedures
  • 2019-2020 Trust Lands Plan Discussion
    • Focus on 3 main goals in the past with 2 additional
    • Math
      • Monitor progress/action steps 
      • Instructional Assistant hired
      • 7 Mindsets that include a high school preparation plan
    • Reading and Writing
      • Instructional Assistant hired
    • Science and Technology
      • Science electives 
    • Social studies and History
      • Extensions for class sizes accommodations
    • Fine Arts
      • Performing expenses
      • Accompanist
    • Discussion of funds and carry over from last year, and need to create plan at end of year.
    • Questions about technology funding
      • Makerspace discussed and district contribution to that space.
  • Officer Nominations
    • Roles dispritions
    • Emily Hessey elected as chairperson
    • Mick Mullen nominated as member
    • Lindsay Manning elected to Vice President
  • Mental Health Coordinator
    • Discussed role i the school, and talked about big picture skill development.
  • Concerns were addressed regarding an instagram page that could be a bullying problem in the future.  Encouraged to discuss community concerns and information in this meeting.
  • Personal technology use in the school was discussed
  • Building size and student number discussed
  • Hunter Syddall Assembly discussed
  • Tour of the Makerspace
    • 3-D printers, GlowForge, Spheros, Micro Bits, Arduinos, littlebits.

Meeting adjourns: 3:55