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Sunrise 7:14 am
Sunset 7:50 pm

Call to Order: 3:23pm

Attending: Trampas Williams, Selena Terry, Miguel Echeverria, Lindsay Manning, Mick Mullen, Ashley DeMille, Mandy Larsen, McKenzie Pollaehne


  • Approval and Review of Minutes
  • PBIS update
    • ReThinkEd-use in our school going forward due to district grant
    • Goal to re-teach the PBIS Matrix in the month of February
    • Faculty expectations matrix will be developed soon
    • Digital Literacy posters to promote ROAR have been developed by students.
  • Trustlands proposal 
    • Needs to be created and voted on by the council
    • Has a new look from previous years
    • Goals discussion
      • Needs to be in conjunction with our academic achievement goals
      • Be measurable
      • Use monitoring data such as Mastery Connect, I-Ready, RISE benchmark assessments
      • Currently have limited data due to COVID
      • Goals to help with the impact of students being out of school
    • Action Plan of how to meet goal
      • Tier 1 instruction, IAs, extensions, professional development, technology resources for STEM classes, chromebook and I-pads all help with goals.
      • Extensions discussion
    • Behavioral Component
      • 7 Mindsets
      • ReThinkEd transition
    • Summary of estimated expenditures 
    • Next year’s budget 
      • Created from needs of school, and staffing needs
  • Upcoming activities
    • Science Fair
      • CUES planetarium
    • Mid-terms
    • Parent Conferences
    • Makerspace group
  • Questions/Items from council members
    • How to reallocate trustlands funds that won’t be needed for certain programs anymore discussed
      • Talk about teacher’s needs, Covid needs, and looking into future needs
    • State Trustlands training down until the website is back online
    • Current status with COVID sanitization and mask efforts
  • Next meeting March 3rd 3:15pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm