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Sunrise 7:14 am
Sunset 7:50 pm

Call to Order: 3:05pm [approved 11-18-2020]

Attending: Jennie Thalman, Stefanie Anderson, Ryan Harris, Crystal Stott, Selena Terry, Miguel Echeverria, Ashley DeMille, Mandy Larsen, McKenzie Pollaehne

  • Introductions
  • PBIS Matrix Discussion
    • ROAR: Helping students find a voice
    • Positively impact student behavior
    • Worded in a positive way
    • Academic and nonacademic areas have guidelines
    • Using data to improve outcomes
    • Build on old PBIS implementation 
    • Mascot discussion and alignment
    • Create a school community
    • ROAR cards discussed
    • ROAR room discussed with plans to tour next Community Council Meeting
  • Community Council Roles and Responsibilities Discussion
  • Community Council Officers
    • Election Discussion
    • Nomination for Stefanie to be chair made by Mandy, seconded by Ashley, and unanimous agreement by council
    • Stefanie accepted chair nomination 
    • Lindsay Manning nominated as Vice-chair
    • McKenzie will continue to be note-taker
  • Discussion about students’ first of the year transition
    • Parents noted students were doing surprisingly well, and were getting used to masks.
    • Parents noted they felt there was an increase in mean behavior from student to student.
    • Discussion of how the school handles different mean behavior, friendship challenges, dynamics and insecurities that are common in middle school
    • Notice of school staff in some needs for students to be supported in transitioning back from various home situations.  
    • Parents noted a later start time would really benefit some students.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Spirit Week-ROAR theme
      • Dressing up, outdoor assembly, kickoff PBIS Program, Spirit Stick
    • Spirit Stick Competitions
      • Food drive, attendance, showing good student skills, Random Acts of Kindness Week, College Wars
    • Makerspace to start soon
    • Homecoming Parade
    • Fun Academy
      • Will be separated by grades this term
  • Covid Management
    • Transitions are shorter
    • 3 different lunches
    • Longer class periods to allow mask breaks
    • Contingency Plan
      • Seating charts, group activities limited, same groups in classes
      • Positive students and those that were sitting around them will quarantine for 2 weeks
      • Online options and accessing curriculum from home to allow seamless transition in catching up.
  • Community Council Purpose Discussion
    • Utah Law/code discussed
    • Chief role and responsibility is to help students 
      • Trustlands and TSSA funds put towards needs of school to allow students access to learning
    • Advisory Role and Sounding Board
    • Voice Parent and community concerns
    • Ideas and Needs
    • May include club formation guiding
  • Club Discussion
    • Student Groups and club requirements discussed
      • Need to have a purpose, academic outcome, advisor to advise the club, and a group charter
  • Next meeting Nov 18th 3:15pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm