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Sunrise 7:14 am
Sunset 7:50 pm

Call to Order: 3:26pm

Attending:  Selena Terry, Kole Krahenbuhl, Trampas Williams, Lindsay Manning, Kristen Perschon, Rochelle Crane

  • Minutes from 8 January 2020
  • Schools-to-Watch Redesignation Award
    • Middle Level Conference Award
    • National Conference in Arlington to receive recognition and meet with congressional leaders
  • Trustlands Plan
    • School Plan to improve scores in academic areas of Reading, Math, Science
    • Plan of Action for goal #1
      • Online subscriptions
        • Newsela, Mastery connect
      • Extensions of teachers in Math, Language Arts, Science
      • Instructional Assistants
      • Scope Magazine/Classroom Novels
      • 6th grade science field trip to the Bean and Planetarium museums
      • Chromebook replacement
    • Plan of Action for goal #2
      • Extensions in Social Studies
    • Plan of Action for goal #3
      • Extension in Band/Percussion
      • Accompanist
      • Transportation for UVU festival
    • Overall budget and carryover were discussed with remaining balance
    • Professional Development funding will be moved to a different source
    • Trustlands Plan was approved unanimously
  • Hope Week
    • Activities every day of the week will be held
      • Announcements to promote the week will be on school announcements
      • “Fishing for Kindness”
      • Hope Wheel for kind acts
      • Positive posters
      • Hope booth
      • Positive notes on the mirrors
      • High Five Friday
  • LGBTQ Group update
    • Permission slip and parameters were discussed
    • Support of students
    • When/where it will be held was discussed
    • Structure of group meetings was discussed
  • Upcoming events were discussed

Meeting adjourns at 3:47pm