3000 - Student Policies

3076 - Involuntary Transfer to Alternative School


The Sevier School District will maintain an alternative high school at Cedar Ridge High School. This educational program will be so structured to enable students to complete their high school education by providing them with individualized instruction beyond that which can be provided in the comprehensive high school.

A transfer of any pupil to the alternative high school is considered to be involuntary when either the parent/guardian or the student refuses to agree to the transfer.

An involuntary transfer to the alternative high school may be imposed when other means fail to bring about student improvement. However, a pupil may be involuntarily transferred the first time he or she commits an act enumerated in 53G-8-205 of the Utah Code if the principal determines that the pupil's presence on campus causes a danger to persons or property or threatens to disrupt the instructional process.


4.1 The principal of the referring school will notify the superintendent of the case and request that a hearing be scheduled before the district's hearing officer as designated by the superintendent.

4.1.1 Prior to convening the hearing, the student and the parent/guardian must be notified in writing of the time, date and reasons for the hearing by the principal of the referring school.
4.1.2 During the hearing, the parent/guardian will be informed of the specific facts and reasons for the proposed transfer and will have the opportunity to inspect all documents relied upon, question any evidence and witnesses presented and present evidence on the student's behalf. The student my designate a representative to be present at the hearing and may request witnesses.
4.1.3 The case will be reviewed by the hearing officer and a decision rendered. A decision to transfer the student involuntarily will be based on a finding that the pupil (a) has committed an act enumerated in Utah Code 53G-8-205 or (b) has been habitually truant or irregular in attendance.
4.1.4 The decision of the hearing officer will be placed in writing stating the facts and reasons for the decision, with copies forwarded to the principal, the student, the student's parent or guardian.


Approved 04/08/96

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