2000 - Personnel

2000 - Index


  2001 Affirmative Action/Nondiscrimination
  2003 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
  2004 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Personnel
  2005 Employee Background Checks
   2006 Code of Conduct/ Appropriate Behavior
           2012 Employee Licensure
  2015 Threat of or Actual Harm to Students or District Employees
  2020 Insurance
  2030 Vacation
  2040 Paid Holidays
  2045 Leave Policy
  2085 Jury Leave
  2101 Defined Medical Benefit
  2110 Death Benefit
  2140 Credit for Prior Service on Regular Salary Schedule
  2145 Out of District Travel and Form
  2150 Travel
  2156 Career and Provisional Classified Employment
  2158 New Principal Contract Provisions
  2159 Assistant Administrators
  2170 Salary Lane Changes
  2175 Special Assignments and Activities
  2180 Assignment, Reassignment, and Transfer and Form
  2185 Nepotism
  2190 Employee Evaluation
  2195 Volunteer Services
  2220 Reduction in Force
  2225 Orderly School Termination for Employees
  2227 Provisional Certified Employment
  2240 Grievance Procedure
  2241 Abusive Conduct Toward Employees
  2250 Discrimination and Harassment
  2260 Employment Policy for Taxes and Retirement
  2262 Substitutes
  2265 Substitute Teacher Pay Schedule
  2280 Leave Without Pay
  2290 Access to the Internet
  2305 Employee Dress Expectations
  2310 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
  2504 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedure
  2520 Family Leave Act
  2530 Overtime Policy
  2540 Education Association Leave
  2550 Acceptable Use of Electronic Communication Devices Policy
  2555 Employee Associations and Wage Deductions
  2570 Reemployment of Retired Employees
  2585 Cell Phone Stipend Policy
  2590 Workers Compensation
  2600 Employees and Concealed Dangerous Weapons
  2625 Nursing Mothers in the Workplace
   2635 Compensation and Benefits


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Sevier School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs. Please contact your school principal for further information.