2000 - Personnel

2158 - Principal Contract Provisions

PRINCIPAL CONTRACT PROVISIONS                     2158


The Board establishes this policy to provide uniformity and equality in its
employment contracts with principals in the Sevier School District.


The Superintendent shall make available to principals an annual salary schedule
that lists the salary for each category of principal within the District and a contract
day schedule.


Under federal law, District principals are classified as exempt employees, meaning the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the FLSA do not apply.  Unless specifically approved by the Superintendent, District exempt employees are not eligible for overtime compensation or compensatory time off.


Principals shall follow the Leave and Vacation policies as outlined in Sevier School District Policies Leave #2045 and Vacation #2030.


5.1    It is the policy of the District that all employees, including those exempt under the overtime provisions of the FLSA, report all time off (vacation and leave) taken during each payroll period.

5.2    Principals shall report all time off on a leave report sheet showing vacation and/or leave used.  They should not rely on other employees to track and report their time off from work for them.

5.3    In accordance with state statute, public employees should never let outside employment interfere with the performance of their public job duties.  In compliance with this statute, principals may not conduct outside
employment during their regular District work hours unless they use and record vacation hours for all the time involved.


Principals may schedule vacation days at any time during the year with approval from the Superintendent or designee.  It is the philosophy of the District that principals shall be present during critical times for their school during the regular school year whenever possible.


7.1    All new principals shall be placed on provisional status following the effective date of their principal assignment. “Provisional Principal” means any principal who is newly employed or re-employed as a principal by the District.

7.1.1    Principals new to the District with previous principal experience shall be placed on provisional status for two (2) years.

7.1.2    Principals who previously served as a principal in the District before being re-employed by the District shall be placed on provisional status for two (2) years.

7.1.3    Principals with no previous principal experience shall be placed on provisional status for three (3) years.

7.1.4    Provisional principals shall be given notice no later than sixty (60) days before the end of their contract term if their contract will not be renewed.  Should the contract not be renewed:    the notice shall include the reasons for non-renewal; and    the principal shall be given an opportunity to meet with the Superintendent.

7.1.5    A provisional principal whose contract is not renewed may be given the opportunity to continue employment with the District in a non-administrative position for which he/she meets all qualification requirements if such a position is available at the time of the provisional principal’s non-renewal notice.

7.1.6    Provisional principals accepting a non-administrative position shall have their compensation adjusted to the appropriate pay level of the non-administrative position.  If the provisional principal was previously employed by the District in a non-administrative position in which the employee obtained career status, the employee will be
returned to career status in his/her non-administrative position.

7.1.7    Provisional principals shall be provided with assistance and evaluation as outlined in District policy #2193 Administrators Evaluation Procedures.


8.1    The Human Resources Department shall announce principal vacancies with the following exceptions:  

8.1.1    vacancies filled through involuntary transfers or through similar administrative action by the Superintendent.


9.1    The transfer of a principal, with Board approval, shall be under the direction of the Superintendent or designee.

9.2        Voluntary Transfers

9.2.1    Principals, who desire a change in assignment, shall submit a request to the Superintendent or designee in writing.

9.2.2    As voluntary reassignment or transfer requests are considered, principal assignment preferences may be honored when they do not conflict with the best interests of the District.

9.3    Voluntary Transfer to Non-Administrative Position

9.3.1    Principals may request to transfer to non-administrative positions for which they meet all qualification requirements.

9.3.2    Principals desiring such transfers shall submit requests in writing to the Superintendent or designee at anytime during the year.

9.3.3    The Superintendent or designee may grant such requests pending availability of suitable openings and a determination that the transfer would not be unduly disruptive to the school or programs involved.

9.3.4    Compensation of principals accepting non-administrative transfers shall be adjusted to the pay level of the non-administrative positions.

9.4    Involuntary Transfers

9.4.1    The Superintendent or designee shall review principal assignments annually and make appropriate transfer recommendations to the Board of Education.

9.4.2    Before finalizing an involuntary transfer of a principal performing satisfactorily, the District shall consider the following:    whether the principal has fewer than three (3) years at the assignment;    whether the principal has critical goals nearing completion; and    how the transfer affects overall compensation.

9.4.3    When principals are asked to consider a specific transfer, they will normally be given at least two (2) working days to respond.

9.4.4    The principal is entitled to a meeting with the Superintendent or designee and he/she may bring to the meeting a professional association representative or an administrative colleague to discuss
concerns relating to the involuntary transfer.

9.5    Reduction in Force

9.5.1    When a reduction of administrative staff becomes necessary, procedures outlined in District policy #2223, Administrators Dismissal and Reduction in Force Procedures shall be followed.                                

Approved: 04/25/12

In effect, provisional principals have provisional-plus status

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