2000 - Personnel

2015 - Threat of/or Actual Harm to Students or District Employees

Because the quality of learning espoused by the Board can be carried on only in an atmosphere that is completely free from the harassment of or threat of or actual harm to students, teachers, administrators or other employees of the District engaged in the educational processes, the Board of Education insists that educational activities be free from such interferences and will not tolerate what it deems reprehensible conduct by parents, students, or other individuals directed toward or carried out against those engaged in the district's educational activities whether occurring on school or campus property or if the acts are in any way associated with the educational functions of the district.

Assaults, altercations, threats, obstreperous language or threatening motions, whether or not accompanied by impact or battery, offensive grasping of individual's clothing or person or any other provocative and irresponsible behavior directed toward a teacher, student, official, employee or staff member of the district will be regarded as a criminal episode, committed or threatened, will be condemned and will be countered by a most vigorous response by the Board.

In the event that such acts of aggression occur, police and civil authorities will be notified and/or summoned and the person or persons initiating the aggressive action shall be prosecuted as provided by law. In such instances, district and campus property will be open for investigation and district personnel will be available to produce testimony and/or evidence in the furtherance of legal processes.

Approved 07/09/87

Effective 08/27/87

Revised 08/09/90




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