2000 - Personnel

2030 - Vacation

VACATION                                    2030

1.    All year round employees*, who have been in the employment of Sevier
School District for the previous 12 consecutive months, shall have two weeks (10
working days) vacation with pay.  After completing 10 consecutive years of
employment, employees shall have three weeks (15 working days) vacation with

2.    Employees will be allowed to accrue a maximum of two times the
employee’s current yearly vacation day’s accrual.  Any accumulated vacation
days in excess of two times the annual accrual will not carry over for the next
contract year.  (End of the contract year is defined as of pay period ending June
15) Unused vacation time in excess of two times the annual accrual will not be
compensated at retirement or upon ending employment with the District.  
Vacation schedules are to be approved by the supervisor or principal in advance.  

3.    *Year round employee is defined as:

3.1    Equal or greater than 233 working days per year not counting paid
holidays, and

3.2    Each working day of the 233 or greater day contract is for six (6)
hours or more, and
3.3    The length of each of the 233 or greater days must be for
contracted time, not in a substitute or temporary assignment

4.    All current contracted employees who are presently accruing vacation and
do not meet the new hours per week criteria, will be “Grandfathered In” and will
continue to accrue vacation as per the policy.

5.    Effective date of contract hour change from 4 to 6 is July 1, 2013.

6.      If an employee that accrues vacation passes away while employed, a full payment of any unused vacation days will be paid at the employee’s then current daily rate of pay on their final paycheck.
Revised 11/09/93
Revised 02/09/05
Revised 09/15/10
Revised 05/22/13
Revised 03/16/16    
Revised 05/18/17






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