1000 - Organization & Admin

1001 - Introduction

The ultimate goal of education is to prepare the student to be able to get along successfully without the teacher. Since education is an individual process, students should be encouraged and motivated to seek after knowledge. The learner must fulfill and achieve personal goals and aspirations as inspired by good teachers.

The board of education is responsible to the people and therefore should attempt to reflect the opinion of the community; however, school board members must look to the future more clearly than is required of the average citizen. The results of many of the decisions and actions of the board will not be realized at once, but will set the course of education for future years. The board of education should support those educational philosophies and procedures needed to promote an adequate education for the citizens they represent based upon the needs of the pupil population.

Accordingly, the following policies, rules, and regulations are adopted by the board. These may be changed by the board from time to time as conditions warrant.

Approved 04/30/90



Inspire the mind, create a passion for learning, educate for success in life.

Sevier School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs. Please contact your school principal for further information.