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5X5 Block Schedule

What exactly is the 5X5 block schedule?

Students will have 5 classes on A-days and 5 classes on B-days for a total of 10 periods. Courses will be approximately 70 minutes long as compared to the current 50 minutes. Courses will still run a semester or a year in length.

Why change to a new 5X5 course schedule?


  • Schedule allows more class offerings and opportunities for both intervention and extension.  Students will be able to take more of the classes they want.
  • Alignment with Sevier CTE Center and Snow Richfield concurrent enrollment schedules.
  • 100% Graduation Rate Goal becomes more achievable.
  • More opportunity and flexibility for students to take Performing Arts, Fine Arts, CTE, Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment and many other courses and still fulfill requirements for graduation under less pressure.
  • Can lower class sizes in selected classes.
  • Increases school’s ability to offer increased rigor.
  • Critical needs classes can be double blocked (56.5 hours per year gained for students needing it most).
  • Ability to broadcast courses between all high schools.
  • Intervention/Support Courses built into the schedule for greater conceptual understanding.
  • Study Hall Courses offer students the choice to complete homework or projects.
  • What are Double-Blocked classes?

Certain classes will have the option of double-blocking. They will be taught both A and B days. Schools will be given the autonomy to choose how the 5X5 schedule will best meet the needs of their students.  Whether offering a double-block period of math for all students, support classes for content courses, or additional offerings, teacher-teams will choose how to best utilize the additional time to meet their unique needs.

When will this new schedule begin?

Sevier School District is moving towards the implementation of the 5X5 Block Schedule beginning the 2015-2016 school year.  “Studentsandparentswantandappreciatedifferentoptions.Wewanttoextendmore controltostudentsandparentsovertheircoursechoicesandpathways.Ourschedule needs to provide the flexibility to enhance what Sevier School District has to offer.”

--- Dr.Cade Douglas, Superintendent


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