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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the AB Set Schedule

Sevier School District has been diligently working for three years visiting other schools and analyzing feedback from parents, teachers and principals to implement and develop a block schedule and an AB calendar that would benefit all students. The following questions were considered while reviewing and weighing the pros and cons of moving to a set AB schedule:

 What is a set AB Schedule? The AB schedule organizes the day into fewer, but longer, class periods to allow flexibility for instructional activities and improve academic performance.  The set AB Schedule establishes that all Mondays and Wednesdays will be A days. All Tuesdays and Thursdays will be B days. Fridays will be either A or B adjusted so there are an equal number of A days and B days in the semester.

How will the “floating” Friday schedule work? Fridays will be either A day or B day.  Sometimes there will be two A days in a row. This will happen when Friday is calendered to be an A day and Monday is an A day as well. (Monday is always A day). There will also be weeks with two B days in a row. This will happen when Friday is calendered to be a B day and Thursday is also a B day. (Thursday is always B day).

Won’t there be confusion with a “floating” Friday schedule? Overall, confusion will be less because four days of the week (Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday) are clearly established and will not change as they have on the previous rolling AB schedule. Friday’s will be established on the calendar, it will be the same for each school and will be clearly communicated.

 Is the set AB schedule only beneficial for high school students? No, routine and structure are extremely important for social, emotional and intellectual development, especially for middle school aged students. Creating a set schedule will provide more consistency and better potential for student success. The set schedule allows for better planning. Also, keeping the set schedule will help middle school students as they transition into high school.

We are already using an AB schedule, why are we changing? We have been on a rolling AB schedule. After receiving feedback from parents, students, teachers, and principals, it has been determined that moving to a set AB schedule will eliminate confusion, especially for students. Having a set schedule will maximize opportunities for students wanting to take Snow College classes. As of right now Snow College has 4 program offerings. Moving to a set schedule will allow Snow College to offer 12 additional programs.

Will the set AB schedule only benefit a small percentage of high school students? No, in fact the opposite is true. Having a set schedule will benefit all high school students who can now better plan their class schedule. A set AB schedule maximizes opportunities for students to earn college credit while taking certificate and/or traditional college classes through Snow or from Concurrent Enrollment high school teachers. The set AB schedule provides a jump start towards earning a 1 or 2 year certificate or 4 year college degree. It also will provide expanded internship opportunities which will add value to students’ educational experiences. It will also eliminate some required EdNet double blocked classes, which will provide opportunities for students to take more elective classes.

Will the set AB schedule have an affect on my student if they play a sport or are involved in extracurricular activities? Yes and No, having a set schedule will provide opportunities for students to work with their school counselor to be strategic while setting up a schedule that will accommodate both academic and extracurricular achievement and success. The Canvas platform and other new technology resources will provide students access to assignments when a student has been absent.

How will the set AB schedule affect elective classes such as dance, music, band, art, foreign languages, etc.? Just like in the rolling AB Block Schedule, the set AB Block Schedule provides students with an increased number of opportunities to select elective classes. With both the rolling and the set block schedule there are 20 slots (10 x 2 semesters) for coursework as opposed to only 14 slots (7x 2 semesters) under a traditional schedule. Since the set schedule will offer greater predictability as to when students will be able to take classes they will actually have more freedom to select the arts classes. An example is a student who wanted a certificate based Snow class that was only offered during one specific day and time. Previously the student had to pick and choose, now that same Snow class may be offered at multiple time slots providing more choice for the arts courses within the student’s unique schedule.

Please see Sevier School District’s list of Set AB Schedule Pros. Additional information including cons has been addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the AB Set Schedule. Many of the Snow College Richfield classes are two-hour classes. In the past students were required to double block both hours and days and were limited on taking classes because there was not enough room in their schedule. Moving to the set schedule, students will only have to block by hours on the days the classes are scheduled, allowing them the option for other possible opportunities.

Snow Classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday.  With a set schedule students will be able to take a Snow College class one day, leaving room to take other classes such as art, music, other electives, or more college classes.

The set AB schedule serves all students including students not on a university pathway who are now able to maximize their schedule and participate in several class offerings, specifically CTE course offerings, giving them skills to fall back on as life moves forward. The goal is to offer students the opportunity to earn 1 and/or 2-year certificates leading them directly into careers. (Please click on the course offering links on the Sevier School District website.) . Moving to a set AB schedule will maximize opportunities not only for pathway runners but offers all students the opportunity to explore multiple career/skill options. Snow College has additional class offerings that will accommodate the set AB schedule. The majority of Snow College Richfield courses are for 1 and/or 2-year certificate career programs.  With the current rotating schedule, local internship and job shadowing was difficult to plan for. Students participating in the internship program will have a set schedule that they can provide for the business or organization to follow. Friday’s will be used to do Canvas assignments for the Work Based Learning class.  Colleges already use a set AB schedule; students will become use to this schedule at an earlier age, helping them to transition to college easier.  Moving to a set AB schedule will eliminate confusion amount staff and students.  The set schedule will help students and teachers be prepared and organized.  Having a set schedule will allow students to be prepared and know what classes they have on certain days. Students can plan ahead for classes they know they will miss due to athletic events or extracurricular activities. By going to a set AB schedule students from North and South Sevier attendance areas will be more able to take advantage of Snow College Richfield on-campus classes. The set AB schedule provides more opportunities for students desiring to take IVC (online/Concurrent Enrollment classes) offered through Snow Richfield.

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