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North Sevier Middle School - Trust Land Report 2018-19

October 17, 2019

Dear Patrons,

Each year, schools around Utah receive monies from the Utah State School Land Trust.  These monies are used to improve our abilities to educated students and are controlled by our own NSMS School Community Council.  In compliance with the law, this summary of how the money was spent & school testing results is being provided to you.

2018-19 Expenditures

Trust land money was used for salaries allowing us to offer four extra periods during the day allowing extra intervention offerings. NSMS was also able to provide after school library access, and pay an afternoon intervention aide to help students who are struggling with assignments ($13,915).

Trust land money was used in conjunction with the Sevier School District Technology Grant to purchase technology including four Promethean interactive boards for additional classrooms (completes school wide project) and four sound systems to add this in our computer labs and libraries completing a school wide project that includes every single room a student may receive instruction. This was an awesome use of dual funds to complete these two projects ($4,230).

Trust land monies money was to purchase ‘Reading Counts’ online reading program for our library & the IXL online learning program for our English Language Arts classes. ($3,707)

Trust land funds were used in conjunction with Sevier School District funds to take the vast majority of our teachers to Solution Tree PLC conference. This was hugely successful ($4,799).

2018-19 Test Results:

NSMS had the following results from our RISE state testing 2018-19 school year:

Science     Proficiency           Math       Proficiency             Language Arts     Proficiency

6th Grade         54%                 6th Grade       41%                   6th Grade                     47%

7th Grade         52%                 7th Grade       60%                   7th Grade                     43%

8th Grade         50%                 8th Grade       49%                   8th Grade                     43%

Highlights of this testing include being at or above state averages in 5 of the 9 tests (within 1% on two other, 2% on one other and 4% on the last one).  NSMS led Sevier District middle schools in proficiency on 5 of 9 tests, second in 3 of the remaining 4 and third on the last test.  If you totaled the proficiency of all nine tests, we led Sevier School District middle schools by a considerable margin.  

Thank-you to all the parents, students, and staff of North Sevier Middle School for your hard work in helping continue to move these trends upward.


Rod Hinck - Principal

* Copy of this report will be sent home with all students 1st term grades.