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Community Council meeting 2/2/22

Those in attendance were Dani Hallows, Andrea Moore, Charlyn Roberts, Paul Mecham,Kerry Burr, Angela Johnson, and Rod Hinck.

Paul Mecham moved to approve the minutes from last meeting and Andrea Moore seconded it. This was approved by all.  We talked about how to spend our Trust Land  money.  Top priority is to keep the three sections for each grade level in each core subject.  This would be with salary for teacher to keep the three-section ratio. This is the base of our plan.  It would also use the money for 1 ½ aides and it was proposed to add another aide next year.  This would be for a refocus coordinator. We also use trustland monies to keep the library open after school, professional development & inservice.  We would also use it for books, IXL and Mastery connect.

The discussed the following:

Looking for projects for our kindness club to do in the community.  If anyone has any ideas send them our way.

  •      LANSchool keeps students on sites they are supposed to be on during class.
  •      Justin Osmond will be here on Monday for Hope week to speak to the students.
  •      Tom Shummer will be here again in March.
  •      Suggestion was brought up to Survey students and ask them what they think we need in our school.

We will meet on March 16, 2022 for Community Council.

Meeting was adjourned @ 3:47 PM