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Sunrise 7:34 am
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North Sevier Middle School

Community Council Meeting


Those in attendance are Charlyn Roberts, Andrea Moore, Paul Meacham by phone, Angela Johnson, and Rod Hinck.

Andrea Moore motions to approve last meeting minutes from our meeting on 9/22/21 and Charlyn Roberts seconded it.  We discussed standard based grading. 

We discussed Digital literacy and talked about our chrome books and technology.  We talked about the school rules and AUP and the district filters.  We also talked  about the new LANSCHOOL program and how teachers are able to only allow certain websites to be accessed during their class hour. We talked about internet safety, white ribbon week and Net Smart Assembly.

Cell phone policy is that students are only allowed to have phones before and after school only.  Not on their person but in lockers or backpacks or phone holders in each teachers classroom. If a student needs to call home they should come to the office.

Mental health is a real issue and continues to be addressed.  Kindness club, Hope Squad and rotate through to the mental health coordinator Lisa Taylor during our flex times.

We talked about the safety protocols—talked about our drills, how parents should check in through the office and staff training regarding abuse and being conscience of their environment.

Reviewed some aspects of the Trustland plan and how it is used to help pay for teacher and staff salary, to keep the library open after school and to pay the salaries of our aides.

All 6th graders get new computers and keep them through 8th grade.  New as a freshman. 

February 2 is our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned