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Community Council Meeting

September 22, 2021

Those in attendance:

Mr. Hinck                     Mr. Burr                       Mrs. Hinck (substitute secretary)

Charlyn Roberts          Paul Mecham              Andrea Moore                         Dani Hallows

Mr. Hinck-had sent “Welcome Video” link and was watched individually.  No questions

Andrea Moore nominated Paul Mecham to be the Chair of the council.  This was seconded by Mr. Burr - yes from all.  Paul Mecham accepted.

Paul Mecham nominated Andrea Moore to be Vice Chair of the council.   This was seconded by Dani Hallows - yes from all.  Andrea Moore accepted the role.

Mr. Hinck-Review 2021-22 Trust Lands Proposal

Paul asked question about negative funds from 2019-20 plan. It was explained that it was an error with submitting $ (with dates) an and amendment last year resolved the discrepancy. It was discussed that NSMS would like all teachers to go to a Conference next summer.

            Andrea - What does Conference include?

            Mr. Hinck - Standard-based learning and teaching. 

            Mr. Burr said the last conference he attended was good for him and he has changed the

way he teaches and grades.

            Mr. Hinck said at the end of the year, they will meet and decided which “team” of

teachers will go to which specific breakout session.

Mr Hinck will have data from the Rise test for the next meeting.

            Paul Mecham - Did numbers increase?

            Mr. Hinck – With no testing the previous year there was no comparison data

            Discussion about NSMS doing better than the district.

Paul Mecham motioned to approve the minutes from 3.24.21 council meeting after Paul’s name and Evolet’s name were spelled correctly.  It was seconded by Andrea Moore - yes from all.

Schedule of yearly council meetings was determined.  All at 3:05pm




It was decided that Mr. Hinck would continue to put together all agendas for council


Other discussion:

  • Discussion of the first day and week of school. Hinck did a Fire Drill and a Lockdown Drill, so everyone in the school knows what to do.
  • Discussion about School Pictures - new company
  • Discussion on Red Ribbon Week - went well. Students love the football game against the faculty.
  • Discussion about Fundraiser. Hoping for more general merchandise compared to Christmas merchandise.

Questions or Concerns?

            Paul Mecham - wondering about protocol with COVID this year.

            Mr. Hinck - gave information about what the district has in place.

            Dani Hallows - students experience different quarantine time from Health Dept and


Mr. Hinck - school nurse has been available and done a remarkable job. Discussion on number of students out for COVID protocol and what schools have been directed to do.  Only have about 5% of students have been out with COVID cases and COVID quarantined students.

Meeting adjourned 3:45 PM