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Community Council Meeting

March 24, 2021

Those in attendance: Mr. Hinck, Mr. Burr, Mrs. Hinck (substitute secretary), Charlyn Roberts, Paul Mecham,              Andrea Moore , Evolette Moore - student

* Mr. Hinck-went over “Looking Forward”

* Paul Meacham motioned to approve minutes from the 2.17.21 council meeting. This was seconded by Andrea Moore -    yes from all.

* Mr. Hinck-Review 2020-21 Trust Lands Expenditures

 * Mr. Hinck went over 2021-2022 Trust Lands Report

                Paul Meacham asked if $5600 includes carry over.  Mr. Hinck replied yes.

Discussion about PBIS-

            Andrea - Does 7th & 8th grade participate in this program?

            Mr. Hinck -  Yes, each grade has its own focus.

            Andrea - Does the High School do this program as well?

            Charlyn  - Yes, NSHS started in Jan.

Discussion about new band teacher hired

Paul - Extra money, is this list in priority order?

Mr. Hinck - no

Paul - With Conference, if NSMS gets part of $, is there a plan to use extra $ for all

teachers/staff to attend?

Mr. Hinck – Yes.  The plan is to take all who can attend. NSMS is in good place with

                   other funds.

* Paul motioned to approve 2021-2022 Trust Land Plan - Mr. Burr 2nd - all yes

* Paul:  Thank you to Mr Hinck and staff for all they have done.  They do a good job.

Other discussion:

  •        Discussion on May 3-7 as Staff Appreciation Week
  •        Andrea & Evolete had questions on the dress code. Mr. Hinck explained that NSMS followed Sevier School District Policy. Andrea suggested having the process taught in a class of ‘how’ students could appropriately petition for change. When asked what points of the dress code were frustrating; belly shirts, length of shorts, and width of shirt straps. It was brought up by other council members that they could check the SSD website for dates of school board meetings and how to call to get on the agenda.
  •       Discussion on FLEX time. Evolete gave two thumbs up for FLEX time

Meeting adjourned 3:50 PM