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Monroe Elementary Community Council
February 6, 2019
In attendance: Ted Chappell, Brian Winn, Matea Bradshaw, Amanda Lloyd, Rachel Johnson, Dave Coe
Welcome: Cindy Riddle (Absent)
Mr. Chappell welcomed members and reviewed minutes from October 2018 meeting.
Brian Winn nominated to approve the minutes, it was seconded by Matea Bradshaw
School Data Review - Mr. Chappell shared data from Mid-year Dibels and i-Ready diagnostics. Told council that the data usually comes from RISE mid-winter assessments, but they were not completely ready this year and the data wasn't ready to gauge students' progress. We have seen great growth within grades 3-5 with the data from the other assessments. Dibels: At Risk Students (a grade level or more behind) BOY: 90 students, Current: 45 students 50 % improvement District Goal is 60% improvement, we need 9 more students to move up a level in order to meet the district goal. i-Ready: Reading BOY: 85 Students, Currently: 46 (46% improvement) Math BOY: 62 Students, Currently: 33 (29 students improved a grade level or more) At the beginning of the year we also had 89 students who were "Well Above Level and currently there are 175 students above grade level. School administration and teacher feel that the PLC process is helping make these improvements.
Trust Lands 2018/2019 Budget/Expenditure review
Spending is on target for the year. Noted that $859 was spent on colored ink to print Assessment reports for SEP's and $590 was spent for the Typing Pal program. **It was suggested to send home a parent letter for typing pal to encourage usage at home.
2019/2020 Estimated Allocation: $85,682 Biggest portion of this will go to Salaries/Benefits, General Supplies and Software.
Ideas for 2019/2020 More online software (specifically that can be used at home as well)
**Questions about Instructional Assistants; what they do, when are they in the classrooms, etc. Tier 3 Support "Refocus" assistant. (This will likely come from Title 1 money and not Trust Lands. Hoping to hire 3-4 assistants for next year.)
Misc Items: None
Date and Time of Next Meeting March 27, 2019, 3:00 pm
Motion to Adjourn: Dave Coe, seconded by Amanda Lloyd