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 LEA PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT POLICY At Monroe Elementary, we believe that the ongoing engagement of parents is very important to the success of each student’s education. To meet the Title I Schools requirements, our school must create and support a strong parent-school partnership. In order to receive Title I funding for our school, programs that support parent engagement must be in place and implemented. As a Title I school, we encourage parent volunteerism and plan meaningful activities in which parents and families may participate. 

Annually, Monroe Elementary convenes a Title I orientation meeting (see Title 1 back-to-school agenda), in conjunction with the “Back To School” activities at the beginning of each school year. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend. During these activities, parents are informed of the school’s participation under Title I and parents’ rights to be involved. Teachers also inform parents regarding the curriculum used in the school, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.  

Meetings are scheduled on various days of the week, in order to make parental engagement in such meetings as convenient as possible. Parents are encouraged to participate in the school’s Community Council, which is responsible for the construction and revision of this policy, the Parent-Teacher-Student compacts, in addition to the development of the Title I Plan/ School Improvement Plan. The Community Council meets at a minimum of twice a year, with additional meetings as deemed necessary for the improvement and benefit of the school. 

Monroe Elementary will provide parents with timely and pertinent information regarding parent engagement, their child’s achievement, and the school’s performance. This will include, but is not limited to, the following: 

A. Yearly Title I and Curriculum Open House meeting

B. School performance records and proficiency level expectations 

distributed each school year through Data Gateway and summative test 


C. Communication from the teacher, including: 

  • Weekly take-home folders
  • Report Cards/Essential Standards 
  • Standardized Test Reports
  • Phone contacts 
  • Conference opportunities (at least two opportunities per year)
  • Interaction at after-school functions
  • Email
  • School Messenger and School Binder

 I. Posting upcoming events on the school website

Parents, through the annual Title One Back to School Night and Monroe Elementary Parent Handbook, are assisted in understanding the following: Utah’s state content standards, the school-wide Title I program, Utah’s summative assessment requirements as well as Title I requirements. Translations are provided for parents upon request. Throughout the school year, parents are provided opportunities to participate in school-related activities such as Parent Workshops where information is distributed to parents on how to help improve their children’s achievement in school, Our Doughnuts and Grownups activity helps foster community engagement, and our take home library that provides students leveled books to help improve their reading ability. Topics will include, but are not limited to, literacy, math, science, and parenting. Volunteer training is conducted at least once a year to train those individuals who desire to become active volunteers at the school. 

The Assistant Principal/ Literacy Coach attends regularly scheduled faculty/ team meetings and informs faculty of parent concerns and/or activities when appropriate. The Assistant Principal also distributes information that stresses the value and utility of parental contributions and engagement to school personnel. Monroe Elementary coordinates parent engagement programs and activities with community programs to the extent feasible and appropriate. 

The school leadership team works together to create the Parent-Teacher-Student Compact jointly with the community council. This compact outlines how parents, the school staff, and students share the responsibility for improved students’ academic achievement. The compact is distributed to all parents during back-to-school activities. Translations in other languages are available as needed and to the extent possible.