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Monroe Elementary Community Council

October 2, 2019


In attendance:

Ted Chappell

Brian Winn

Matea Bradshaw

Amanda Lloyd

Melissa Packer


Welcome: Mr. Chappell

Mr. Chappell opened the meeting by welcoming members, introducing new members and then started proceedings for nominating a new Committee Chair and Vice Chair.  


Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Matea Bradshaw nominated Melissa Packer as Chair, it was seconded by Amanda Lloyd.  Ted Chappell nominated Amanda Lloyd as Vice-Chair, it was seconded by Brian Winn.

Community Council Information 

Overview and history of Trustlands Program by Mr. Chappell.  He included where the funds come from, the purpose of the community council, etc.


School Data Review

Review of High stakes testing completed last Spring.  


RISE Testing: (3-5 grade) Dibels Testing: (1-3 Grade)

Math 69% overall proficient 75% overall proficient

ELA 61% overall proficient

Science 56% overall proficient 


RISE test scores were the highest of all elementary schools in Sevier District and showed growth in all three subjects from the previous year.  The trends in scores are moving up.


Review 2019/2020 Plan

Plans for Trustland Funds for the current school year include salaries for instructional assistants, salary for music and art teachers and supplies, substitute hours during grade wide PLC meetings, multiple computer based learning programs (Timez Attack, ESGI, Flocabulary and Typing Pal) contribution to part-time school counselor’s salary and color ink for assessment reports.  Estimated Total Available for the school year is $89,405.


Review Title One School Plan

School wide Language Art goals for the year are 58% proficiency in RISE Testing for 3rd-5th grades.

82% proficient on DIBELS Testing for K-3rd grades.

70% proficiency in Math RISE Assessment (3-5)

63% proficiency in Science RISE Assessment


The Spring 2020 RISE and DIBELS assessment will determine if we meet these goals.


Yearly Meeting Schedule

  1. February 5, 2020  (Review Expenditures)
  2. March 25, 2020 (Present and Approve or Modify Plan)


Motion to  Adjourn: Brian Winn, seconded by Amanda Lloyd