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Monroe Elementary Community Council

March 24, 2021

In attendance:

Ted Chappell

Brian Winn

Matea Bradshaw

Dave Coe

Amanda Lloyd

Chris Johansen, school counselor

Welcome: Dave Coe

Opened the meeting by welcoming members.

First agenda item was to approve the February 2021 meeting minutes.  Motion to approve was made by Dave Coe, seconded by Mr. Chappell.


  • 2021/2022  Proposed Plan and Budget

Committee members reviewed the proposed 2021/2022 Plan. Specifics that were talked about included 2019 End of Level testing scores, and what the outcome goals for End of Level 2022 Tests will be based off of (5% above end of level scores from this Spring.) Also mentioned was the belief that we may see a dip in 2021 End of Level scores because of circumstances surrounding the current school year. 

The Action Plan on how we will achieve the 2022 goal was discussed. Some components include hiring instructional assistants, part time help for the take home library, music teacher and supplies, to help purchase computer based software programs and to purchase STEM supplies. As of now, the goal does not include a behavioral/character education/ leadership component.

The committee also went through the proposed budget line by line.  The motion to approve was made by Dave Coe, and all members in attendance voted to approve the 2021/2022 Trustland Plan.

Miscellaneous Items

Council member Dave Coe asked about state standards and end of level testing and wondering if they are connected to the federal standards.

Amanda Lloyd asked specifics about the Illuminate program.

Motion to  Adjourn: Mr. Chappell, seconded by Dave Coe