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Monroe Elementary Community Council February 5, 2020

In attendance: Ted Chappell Matea Bradshaw Melissa Packe Amanda Lloyd Dave Coe Chris Johansen, school counselor

Welcome: Melissa Packer Melissa opened the meeting by welcoming members.

First agenda item was to approve the October 2019 meeting minutes. Motion to approve was made by Matea Bradshaw, seconded by Amanda Lloyd.

School Data Review School Data was presented by Mr. Chappell. He informed the council of the overall growth of students on i-Ready Math and Reading, and Dibels, between the fall and winter diagnostics. All students were tested on i-Ready Math. In the fall there were 72 students who were 2 or more grade levels behind, that improved to 34 students after the winter diagnostic. One hundred, twenty five students were at grade level in the fall, and currently 245 students are at grade level or higher. Fifty percent of students were tested on i-Ready Reading. At the beginning of the school year, 49 students tested at 2 or more grade levels behind. Currently there are only 27. Eighty six students were on level, or above, in the fall and now there are 138 students who are. Our Kindergarten-3rd grade teachers brought 27 kids “out of the red” during the first half of the year on the Dibels test and 42 students had growth from below level, to on level. He is pleased with what he is seeing happening at Monroe Elementary.

Digital Citizenship Mr. Chappell reviewed the Trustlands “School Safety and Digital Citizenship Discussion Guide” with council and shared what the school has done, and will be doing, to ensure the student’s physical safety while at school and what is happening to keep kids safe while online at school.

Complete fencing has been installed all around the playground and school, including locked gates, to help ensure safety.

The school’s PTO is planning White Ribbon Week to inform the students about online safety education.. Parents on the council feel that their students are safe while at school and are happy with the measures in place. Parents asked about student’s access online while at school and learned more about how technology is used, and what safeguards are in place.

Trustlands 2019/2020 Budget/Expenditure review

Reviewed budget that was previously approved and looked at where money has been already spent and how much we have left for the year. Everything is right on track! The school will be using funds to purchase the Illuminate program that will assist teachers and students in a variety of ways. It will cost approximately $6,000 this year, and $4,000 next year. The district superintendent will help pay half during the 2020/2021. Teachers will attend a 6 hour training on how to best use the program in August.

Miscellaneous Items None

Motion to Adjourn: Melissa Packer, seconded by Amanda Lloyd

Next Meeting: March 25, 2020 (Present and Approve or Modify Plan)